Nebraska Dairy Promotion Highlights 2018–2019

Midwest Dairy focuses on dairy promotion plans developed by dairy farmers at the national level, as well as a variety of state-specific initiatives developed for various local key audiences to drive demand and confidence of dairy foods nationally, regionally and locally. Our goal is to bring dairy to life by giving consumers an excellent dairy experience. The impact of national programs such as partnerships with McDonald’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell help increase sales of dairy, while strategies to work with and through thought leaders and partners and equipping dairy farmers with tools to better tell their stories build overall consumer confidence in dairy foods.

With these priorities in mind, Midwest Dairy worked with Nebraska schools to increase access and consumption of dairy foods and supported student activity via Fuel Up to Play 60. Midwest Dairy also worked with and through partners to increase demand for dairy and reached out to thought leaders, including health and wellness professionals, to help them better understand how dairy foods get from the farm to the store. Additionally, Midwest Dairy pursued research benefiting our product priorities, supported the national Undeniably Dairy campaign and worked to develop young dairy leaders. 

Following are examples of Midwest Dairy’s work in Nebraska representing both the implementation of the national plan and activities unique to the state and region.

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