The mission of Nebraska Dairy Industry Development Board is to:

  • Maintain and expand domestic sales of milk and dairy products.
  • Develop new products and new markets.
  • Improve methods and practices relating to marketing or processing of milk and dairy products.
  • Inform and educate consumers of sound nutritional principles including the role of milk in a balanced diet.

Nebraska dairy farmers pay checkoff of fifteen cents per hundredweight of milk they produce. The checkoff is collected by the first purchaser of each producer’s milk. Five cents is sent to the National Dairy Board which provides funds for the national Unified Marketing Plan (UMP) developed by Dairy Management, Inc. The other ten cents is paid to the Nebraska Dairy Industry Development Board (NDIDB). The NDIDB funds USDA qualified organizations for dairy promotion activities. The NDIDB is itself a USDA qualified organization.

Midwest Dairy Association (Midwest Dairy), under contract, implements programs intended to contribute to the betterment of Nebraska’s dairy farmers and the state’s dairy industry, including 1) the local components of the UMP, 2) the national UMP funding commitment, and 3) other promotion programs in Nebraska consistent with the interests of Nebraska dairy producers.

For More Information:

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